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Richard Gee's business mentoring has been creating opportunities for sales and marketing success for over 30 years.

Richard Gee is a New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific Business Specialist. With over 2,000 New Zealand companies on-board, overseas endorsements and more than 228,000 participants at Richard's seminars, you can be assured of results with Geewiz!

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Our selection of products are offered to give you what may be the cutting edge against your competition.

Geewiz offers a 100% total satisfaction money back guarantee - no questions!

Prices include New Zealand Goods & Services Tax, current rate 15%.

Review copies are available from Richard Gee, and prizes for competitions, radio interviews, TV interviews, newspaper and exclusive interviews are available. Tell me what you want - Richard Gee 0800 433 949 (0800 GEEWIZ).